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Bolo belt by Leonard Nez


Sterling silver bolo style belt set with natural Royston Turquoise, Leonard made a beautiful buckle, he uses the overlay style in the middle and hand stamps the out side if the buckle, he also adds hand made tips at the end of the leather strap.

Bolo by Jesse Robbins


Coin silver bolo set with natural Bisbee turquoise, is is given an old pawn style. it also has hand made tips and silver cuffs around the leather, the bolo pendant is done like the old casting conchos with nice loop on the back for sliding the pendant with ease.

Bolo by Charlie John


Sterling silver bolo, the design is hand stamp and hand cut the placed on to another piece of silver to have a over lay style. with natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

Bolo by Leonard Nez


Leonard has his own style of Navajo overlay, he hand cuts each line and places it on another piece of silver that gives it the shadow look behind the cut out silver. this bolo is design around natural Kingman turquoise.

Bolo by Ron Bedonie


Sterling silver hand stamped and hand file work, this pendant is very light and comfortable but elegant. With one 14kt gold repose in the middle of the pendant

Bolo by Wilbert Manning


Natural Red Coral, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Black Onyx and wood done in the corn row inlay technique with the Navajo Yeti kachina.