We are asked from many customers, How can we help Native American People through this pandemic time?

Since we had to close our jewelry store, it was really hard to help people and we kept thinking what we can do?

There are many individuals and organizations trying to help, and as a one person, it is almost impossible where is the right way to spend and donate money.

Colorado Plateau Foundation is Native American Operated. They respond to community needs and seek direction from cultural and community leaders in order to identify key focus areas for work on the Plateau, including protection of water, protection of sacred sites and endangered landscapes, language revitalization, and sustainable, community-based agriculture.

My long time friend, Mr.Jim Enote from Zuni Pueblo is the CEO of this foundation.

They do check the project or organization, and use the grant to right place.

We decided to donate 20% of Sales, for this local Native American Foundation.

You can check their website here.

Stay Home and Stay Positive.

See you soon.