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Necklace by Aaron Anderson


Naja pendant by Aaron Anderson. One of the kind piece. Naja was worn as a symbol of a mother protecting her love ones.
Hand crave tufa stone and sterling silver pour into the a crave mold to cast.

Necklace by Bo Reeves


Sterling silver double cross necklace with Navajo Pearls. This necklace is completed with a old style finish and set with Caricolake turquoise.

Necklace by Charlie John


Sterling silver necklace, the design is hand stamped and hand cut the placed on to another piece of silver to have a over lay style and set with Carico Lake turquoise.

Necklace by Don Dewa


A beautiful inlay necklace and matching earring of natural Coral, Turquoise, White mother of pearl, and pin shell. the design is a sunface.