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Pendant by Harvey Mace


Harvey Mace hand stamps every line in this piece and hand cuts the silver to style this one of a kind feather. The wire wrapping he uses in this is piece is with 12K gold filled.

Pendant by Herman Smith


Sterling silver pendant and pin combo. Herman does nice hand stamp work on this beautiful dragonfly, it has a open hook on the back, where a it can hand on beads or a larger silver necklace.

Pendant By Isaiah Ortiz


Sterling Silver pendant done in a contemporary style with hand cut designs in a triangle shape design. Isaiah has a very good eye for design with his cuts.

Pendant by Jesse Robbins


Coin silver pendant, the design is inspired by the old pawn when the jewelry was made from the money coin. the coins were melt down and were made into beautiful jewelry. Jesse captures the design with keeping the coin in it natural form and just adding and reprose bump out.