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Pendant by Ruben Saufkie


Sterling silver pendant done in the traditional Hopi over lay designs. The design is all hand cut with a hand saw then solder on to a bottom plate of silver then given a black background to bring out the design.

Buckle by Charlie John


Sterling silver buckle, the design is hand stamp and hand cut the placed on to another piece of silver to have a over lay style. with natural Kingman turquoise.

Lone Mountain Pendant


Natural Lone Mountain turquoise set in sterling silver pendant. the design on the pendant is simple with twist wire and half round wire around the stone. The Artist is Robert Tsosie who is Navajo and is from the Gallup area.

Lone Mountain Turquoise Pendant


Natural Lone Mountain turquoise pendant set in sterling silver, the design is very simple and done in the antique finished. The artist is Robert Tsosie, who is Navajo and been doing jewelry for most of his adult life.