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Necklace by Thomas Jim


Sterling silver Morenci Turquoise necklace, is beautifully done with the reprose in the old style concho style. Thomas hand stamps each bump up and cuts them.

Bracelet by Charlie John


Made by Charlie John a Navajo artist, who puts very wonderful detail in his work. this Bracelet is all sterling silver with1 the finest stamp work and cut work. it is finished in a high polish shine to give it that contemporary finish

Morenci Ring


Natural Morenci Turquoise set in sterling silver. This ring is done in an old pawn style with the nugget cut turquoise framed by silver. The artist is Mike Thompson who is a Navajo from Arizona.

Necklace by Charlie John


Sterling silver necklace, the design is hand stamped and hand cut the placed on to another piece of silver to have a over lay style and set with Carico Lake turquoise.

Pendant by John Lister


Ingot silver pendant with a Yeii Bi Cheii. John melts and roll out his silver instead of buying from the local silver store. After rolling it out he hand stamps the design in the silver, most designs are inspired by the old pawn design.