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Bolo by Wilbert Manning


Natural Red Coral, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Black Onyx and wood done in the corn row inlay technique with the Navajo Yeti kachina.

Carico Lake Necklace


Natural Carico Lake Turquoise cluster necklace. This necklace is has the different colors of Carico Lake from the dark green to that nice light green. the necklace is strung on a steel chain with sterling silver bead that are finished in a old style finish.

Necklace by Lyndon Tsosie


Well known for is traditional bug designs Lyndon hand stamped the bug’s body with reprose bump ups and flat design stamps. he also has the hand made bezel around the two natural Blue Diamond turquoise as the wings and has natural Gober turquoise as the head. it also includes a hand made chain.

Pendant by Wes Willie


Sterling silver pendant, Wes uses high grade Number 8 turquoise, coral, and black onyx. This pendant has more of a contemporary look to it. Wes also includes 14K gold in between the inlay work.